Inca Trail 2018

Earlier in September we announced that permits would go on sale for 2018 on the 5th October 2017.  This did occur and persons who had their reservations in with us had their permits successfully purchased.  However, after a week of opening the Authorities closed the system again and it will now reopen in January 2017 as per previous years.  This means you still need to book in advance and have your reservations in with us before the end of December to stand a chance of us securing your permits for you.

There are 500 permits per day available – part of this allowance includes staff such as porters, so you can assume that half of the allowance is for staff and the other for tourists.

If you have any questions feel free to enquire at any time!

Pachamama Team

inca day 1 (600 x 400)

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