Peru has much to offer the visitor – nature, history, mysticism and much more!  Aside from Machupicchu there are many other sites to visit that will leave you feeling totally blown away!  Our top pick to see before Machupicchu is the ancient fortress of Kuélap!

Kuélap, also known as “The Other Machu Picchu” is a place you should visit. Located in Northern Peru, it is an amazing fortress located in the Andean hills close to the town of Chachapoyas.  Its unlike any other structure you will find in Peru!  The structure is completely different to Machupicchu with its circular houses and a giant protective wall surrounding the fortress which reaches up to 20 meters high.

Constructed between 500 AD and 1493 (therefore pre-dating the Incas), Kuélap rivals Machupicchu in size but sees only a fraction of the visitors in comparison. So, the appeal of visiting this ruined citadel is that you can wander around the ruins in relative peace and quiet. Due to its elevation (3,100masl) the site also has stunning panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.

Within the fortress you will find many animal shapes, human shapes and geometrically shapes carved into the structure.



We can help you with a customised program to visit the region of Chachapoyas which is a treasure trove of ancient archeological sites – other sites of interest include Karajia, Leymebamba district & museum which houses hundreds of mummies found in near to the Lake of the Condor and Gocta Waterfall, the highest in South America!

If you like to get off the beaten track, Northern Peru is still very undisturbed and will take your breath away at its natural beauty!

We hope you are inspired and would love to share Kuelap with you!

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