Peru is one of the most privileged countries of the world. It is the fourth country with the greatest megabiodiversity of the planet, and shelters, together with 11 countries, 70% of the world’s diversity of life.

Life bursts in this South American in many different ways. Marvelled scientists found 5.000 insect species (80% of them were new to science) in one only tree of Madre de Dios, a region in the southern Peruvian forest which is so rich in animal life that 800 bird species can be found in one only square kilometer. This forest is considered by experts to be the world’ “drugstore”, since its 1.400 medicinal plant species (in addition to the 4.400 species used by its population) are a discovery source for modern scientists.

At least 25.000 plant species, that is, 10% of all existing species in the planet, grow in this land. 30% of these plant species is endemic, this meaning that they can only be found in Peru. Thus, this is a marvellous spot for nature observers who can find unique species such as the biggest orchid of the planet, which is 13 meters high and is found in Huachucolpa (Huancavelica). This is why the renowned botanist David Bellamy said, when referring to this country: “Peru is a surprisingly diverse country in biological terms. If we could save it, we could virtually rehabilitate the rest of the world”.