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From the vast Patagonian plateau in the south with its stunning glaciers, through the fertile plains of the Pampas, along the dramatic mountain ridges of the Andes on the western frontier, to the subtropical region in the northeast, which hosts the spectacular Iguazu Falls, Argentina has everything that a traveller could wish for!  Let us help you to enjoy the most of your visit – sample Argentinean Steak, drink mate with the locals, dance the Tango and take in a football match in Buenos Aires!

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If you would like to travel further on the South American Continent, Argentina is an excellent choice!

Positioned between the Atlantic Ocean, which touches the full length of its eastern coastline & the spectacular Andes mountain range, which form the spinal backbone of both Argentina & the entire South American continent, this is indeed a blessed country.

It is equally blessed by the abundance of good arable lands, the fortunate array of climates, the availability of water for irrigation & for power, a people whose high level of culture & acknowledged technical & professional abilities permits them to take advantage of all that progress, civilization & culture offers & who have no religious or racial conflicts.

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A few options for you to explore in this amazing country are :

Buenos Aires

Widely acknowledged as the most sophisticated of South American cities. It is a city offering a wealth of history, culture & entertainment but moreover, it opens up the wonders of Argentina.

Cataratas de Iguazu (Iguazu Falls)
Quite simply, there no other waterfalls on this planet that match up to the sheer magnificence, size or indeed water volumes that come over the Iguazu Falls annually. These two horseshoe valleys of some 270 individual waterfalls are considered to be one of the Eight Natural Wonders of the World.
Cataratas de Iguazu (Iguazu Falls) – or Iguazu Falls as they are also known to the English speaking world, are to be found in the far north-east of Argentina, in Provincia Misiones. Formed millions of years ago when the landmass was shaken by earth tremors deep underground that uplifted one of the tectonic plates under South America & carved by the relentless activities of the mighty Iguazu River over countless centuries, Iguazu Falls provide the visitor with breathtaking, up close & awesome viewing.

El Calafate

Almost at the farthest extremity of the globe, still on the earth & deep amongst mountains, lakes, forest & crystal air, lies an area known as Patagonia. This part of Argentina presents endless natural unique scenery.  The Patagonian Continental Ice, the impressive FitzRoy & Torre Massif, the Perito Moreno & Upsala glaciers.

For naturalists, Patagonia offers wonderful animal & bird encounters. Huemuls, Pumas, Red Fox, Patagonia Hare, colourful varieties of Woodpeckers, amazing raptors from Eagles to the giant Andean Condors all inhabit this area & are widely seen.

Ushuaia & Tierra del Fuego
Ushuaia is both Argentina’s & the world’s southern most city & is the jump off point for the Beagle Channel islands, beyond which lies the Antarctic Continent.

It’s easily accessible by jet aircraft direct from Buenos Aires daily, with connections to other nearby jet capable airports. This region settled by a hardy people, derives income from fishing, cattle & sheep, oil, some mineral production ( gold, copper & zinc are mined ) but mainly from visiting vacationers, heading to Tierra Del Fuego & the southern tip of the South American Continent.

Here the visitor will find a excellent selection of small hotels, guest houses & excellent restaurants. For those who favour the outdoors , there’s a host of activities to immerse oneself in, be it Summer, Autumn, Winter or Springtime.

Whether your preference is for walking, trekking, 4×4 outdoor safaris, bird & mammal watching, skiing ( both commercial ski area or cross country trails ) snowmobiles – Ushuaia claims to being Argentina’s outdoor pursuits capital.

Summer extends from mid-December until mid- March & there’s many more hours of daylight at this southerly latitude than normal. It is not uncommon for folks to start a round of golf at 8.00pm, finishing easily before darkness falls. Even then, darkness is but for a short time, as the sun rises very early. Autumn conditions are expected to start mid-March & the onset of winter comes around the end of April, extending into late September. During winter, daylight hours are greatly reduced but certainly, outdoor activities dominate lifestyles. Springtime brings with it a flurry of new growth, new born sea mammals & birds.

Puerto Madryn

The city of Puerto Madryn is located some 1470 kms south of Buenos Aires in the north-eastern region of Chubut Province, on the coastal banks of Golfo Neuvo or New Gulf . It has progressed steadily since the first Welsh settlers arrived in July 1865 to become now, the most important city in Patagonia. The city began to grow after it was initially established when Welsh, Italian & Spanish immigrants built railway tracks that united Puerto Madryn with Trelew & from that moment, it became the access & exit point for the colony.

Commercially, Puerto Madryn is known for its fishing & aluminium industries, but the main attraction for Puerto Madryn is tourism & water sports activities.

Here, some 30kms of coastal beaches & natural landscapes provide visitors who enjoy the outdoors & nature, a plethora of activities such as whale watching & other sea mammal sightseeing, hiking, mountain biking, hiking, paleontological safaris, fishing, windsurfing & diving.

There is much to do, much to see & a host of outdoor enthusiast sports to partake in the Puerto Madryn area, so for anybody who has an interest in natural wonders & the lure of the sea, this is a ‘must visit’ region of Argentina.

San Carlos de Bariloche

San Carlos de Bariloche is an alpine township, nestled on the edge of lake Nahuel Huapi, 1800 km southwest of Buenos Aires. It is located within the Nahuel Huapi National Park – 700000 hectares of alpine year round playground, renown for fisherman, skiers, lovers of fresh water sports, sailing enthusiasts, nature lovers, trail hikers, golfers & divers.

With an ample array of top resort hotels, apartments, condominiums through to small cozy Bed & Breakfast Inns, Bariloche has the charm & the capacity to provide for all tastes & expectations.

Bariloche experiences four distinct changes of season. October heralds springtime & with it comes the blossoms, freshness & emerging greens of lush grasses, new shoot , buds & leaves on the deciduous trees, longer days & real warmth in the sun.

Summer in Bariloche is gorgeous. The sun hot, the days long from a sunrise prior to 0600 am & sunsets with lingering twilight well after 10pm. Summer is determined from mid -December until mid-March & gives rise to a myriad of lake activities & world renown fishing. It is a busy time with demand usually outstripping capacity as this area is the playground for Argentina’s families on vacation, as well as countless International visitors. Autumn in Bariloche commences late March & on through May. The changing colours of the leaves is magnificent. There comes a time when the heat goes out of the afternoon sun & the crispness of early evening indicates winter is close. Bariloche is quiet at this time & the climate perfect for hiking on the many clearly marked trails around the lake & in the surrounding mountains during the daylight hours.

Once winter descends on the Andes mountains, Bariloche is transformed into an International skiers haven. The Ski Area offers world class skiing in the months of June through mid-September . There are two sides to the Bariloche Ski Area ( Robles Catedral & Alta Patagonia ) each offering varring grades of terrain. The Ski Area has one Gondola, Quads, triples, double chairs & T-bars for access to the ridge lines & some stunning 360 degree views of mountain tops, the township & the lake.

No visit to Bariloche is complete without a wander along the main street, sampling the faire of the many excellent chocolate shops that abound, each touting its own gourmet delights.


In the far north of the country lies the city of Salta, tucked in up against the foothills of the Andes. Here, the old colonial buildings & the distinctive style of the churches, define this region as having retained a strong sense of the old Spanish past.

Salta is the gateway to one of the most spectacular railway days trips on the Continent – the ‘Tren de las Nubes ‘- the train to the clouds. An early morning departure has the train wind its way up a series of zig-zag switchbacks as it climbs slowly upward. You will see feats of amazing engineering skill as many Viaducts span the gullies & river canyons. The most famous of these is Viaducto La Polvorilla which is some 224 metres long & rises 64 metres providing for breathtaking views.

The daytrip is approx 14 hours but the birds eye perspectives you will get to take in, & the likelihood of seeing the giant Andes Condors soaring at these heady heights is an opportunity too good to pass up.

There is an excellent three night – four day tour roundtrip from Salta that includes Humahuaca, & Cafayate. These small settlements owe their beginnings to the Spanish “Conquistadores” & today, retain this rich cultural heritage blended with Andean Incan influences. Excellent arts & local crafts are to be found here. This is a region of harsh climates – hot dry summers & cold winters giving rise to a landscape sculptured by the forces of a relentless mother nature .

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