Land based tours are a great approach to the islands, with Hotels strategically located in the main islands, (Isabela, Santa Cruz, Floreana & San Cristobal) many activities are arranged in the surroundings of the Hotels such as biking, horseback riding, snorkeling & kayaking. Island Hopping will connect you through different Hotels for a more in depth and adventurous tour.

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Galapagos land based tours are a great alternative to exploring the islands on a cruise, land-based programs carry their own set of advantages over cruising the islands. The most notorious benefits are custom made itineraries, active programs that can include biking, horseback riding etc, and avoiding liveaboards. A perfect fit for those prone to seasickness; or families with young ones looking for enjoyable alternatives. Galapagos land based tours are available with hotel based tours or land hopping programs. Hotel based tours offer daily activities to surrounding islands, in contrast land hoping programs include multiple hotels throughout main islands, these provide more variety in activities. All things considered Galapagos land based tours caters to a wide variety of guests, allowing you to enjoy the islands at your own pace.

Tour Duration:  The perfect amount of time in the islands varies greatly from one person to another, while some may find a 4 day tour fulfilling and long enough, others might find a 15 day tour to short, wherever you may find yourself in it is important to have a clear idea of how much actual time you will have partaking in your scheduled activities and have a better judgment when deciding what tour package works best for you. Applicable for all land based tours: all tour packages include the days you enter and exit the islands, both the first and last day will be for the most part operational, and will only have a short activity to fill in the remaining of the day.

When To Travel:  What makes the islands so special is their never ending state of paradise, you can visit the islands any time of the year, & landscapes, wildlife and sealife will always have something in store for you. Adjusting to the seasonal changes that mark the end and begining of the galapagos cylcle called the (warm & dry) season, are a great guideline to know when to visit. Warm Season Jan to June: warmer water & weather, clear skies, short rains, green lush vegetation, calm seas, nesting & breeding season, less marine life. Dry Season July to Dec: colder waters and dry weather, stronger sea currents, great snorkeling with rich marine life, new wildife and offsprings, full on bird life.

Land Hopping or Hotel:  Land Hopping & Hotel Based tours are the options available to get you around the Galapagos islands on land, they are both very similar in the core services they provide, the main difference being land hopping will connect travelers through the different main islands in order to provide guests with more variety to their program. One way or another there will be travel time in speed boats to reach a certain visit point or the next scheduled island for land hoping.

Additional Activities:  Adding other activities to your land based tour can only compliment the feature packed tours Island hopping & Hotels offer. The most popular add on is diving, this is an activity not suited for everyone so if you want to have it included in your tour package it can certainly be arranged with an additional cost. For those looking to dive with their land based tour this would have to be requested in advanced, your itinerary would be adjusted to accommodate your diving activity. Other services that can be added are horseback riding, Kayaking & Biking, these may or may not be included in your activities, please carefully look through the tour page for the inclusions & exclusions of the tour, if still in doubt your travel should be able to provide you with a breakdown of what you will have you included in your program.