Madidi National Park Tareche – 3 Days/2 Nights

One of the most bio-diverse places on the planet, Madidi National Park is a vast protected region of Bolivia’s Amazon basin. The park is known for its hundreds of species of birds, as well as jaguar, monkeys and dolphins. We offer multiday tours of Madidi National Park for travelers excited to explore the Amazon rainforest.

Duration – 3 Days/2 Nights

Max Persons – 14
Difficulty – Easy

Min Age – 14


  • Take in the sights and sounds of the Amazon Basin, including some of the most unique plants and animals on the planet
  • Hike along Tareche, Wabu and Mapajo paths and learn from the locals how to use the plants and animals for medicinal practices
  • Explore the jungle under the watchful eyes of experienced guides and locals living in the jungle

Tour Itinerary

Day 1
An 8:30 departure by boat from Rurrenabaque to Madidi Park takes travelers through this massive expanse of wilderness. Our boats are equipped with comfortable seats, life vests, ponchos and a roof for protection against the unpredictable elements. The trip up the Beni and Tuichi Rivers takes about three hours and is a great opportunity to see the flora, fauna and impressive landscape that Madidi has to offer such as the Bala Canyon. At 11:00 we arrive at Caquiahuara where you will have the chance to observe the nesting wall used by the red and green macaws and other species of parrots. (Bird sighting can be done anytime during the year, however, it is more impressive from July to October). The trip then continues to the Madidi Jungle Ecolodge with an arrival at 1pm where accommodation in an indigenous cabin (with shared bathrooms). At 2pm we will enjoy lunch and opportunity to relax in the hammocks, taking in the echoes of the jungle and the sights of the canopies high above. At 3pm, a 3-4 hour guided walk along the Tareche Trail to the Aguapolo River gives visitors the opportunity to explore on foot the jungle’s true nature. This is a chance to observe a variety of bird species – mainly macaws and parrots – and appreciated the surrounding tropical rainforest. Aside from birds, visitors can encounter many different species of primates and mammals. The common species observed include the white lipped peccary, the black spider monkey and the red howler monkey. After watching the sunset and observing the tropical rainforest from the natural Tuichi viewpoint, we return to the Tareche Ecolodge where we will enjoy dinner in the dimming light at 7:30pm. There will then be a chance to take a walk at night around 8:30pm into the jungle to observe the nocturnal wildlife. During this walk you will be able to listen to the jungle symphony produced by the variety of nocturnal animals and many insects (bringing your own flashlight is advised).
Day 2
Day 2 begins with a 7:30am breakfast at the Ecolodge, followed by a 3-4 hours guided walk at 8:00 along the Biwa path, where black spider monkeys are often seen. This is an opportunity to observe a variety of wildlife such as the white lipped peccary, black spider monkey, red howler monkey, toucans, guans and many more birds. We then return to the Ecolodge at 13:00 for lunch, after which you will have some free time to relax (in the dry season enjoy a refreshing swim in the river Tuichi). At 3pm we take a 3-4 hour guided walk along the Mapajo Trail. Along this trail, you can appreciate the giant trees of the Amazon jungle. Accompanied by a local guide, you will receive an in-depth explanation of the diverse species of plants used for medicinal, practical and the ancestral purposes. It is great opportunity to understand and appreciate the ecosystems and the relationship that the locals have with this impressive environment. We then return to the Ecolodge at 7:30pm for a traditional dinner prepared by the local community, followed by a history lesson at 8:30pm provided by local Uchupiam Indigenous Community: A truly unique and once-in-a-lifetime chance to learn about the region from those that know it best.
Day 3

After a 7am breakfast at the Ecolodge, we embark at 8am on a 4 hour guided walk along the Wabu Path, to the place called “Cullpana” Salt Lick, which is a particular area in the rainforest where various animals gather to obtain important mineral salt from the depth of a muddy pit. This muddy area is also used by some animals as a pool to bathe. This trail offers the possibility to observe white lipped peccary, red howler monkey, brown capuchin monkey, tapirs, toucan, guans, and many different birds. Return to the Ecolodge through the Tareche Path, stopping at the natural Tuichi scenic viewpoint; ideal for observing the surrounding tropical rainforest. 1pm lunch at the Ecolodge and a short stint for free time. At 14:00 we return to Rurrenabaque. On the return trip, it is a great opportunity to see exotic species such as the black caiman, capybara, tapir or the giant river otter. The return trip by boat takes two hours. 3:30pm arrival in Rurrenabaque where visitors can meet with their transportation to the airport or hotel (not included in price of program).


  • Bilingual tour guide (Spanish-English)
  • Return transfer to Madidi National Park from Rurrenabaque
  • Boat transportation
  • Accommodation at Chalalán Ecolodge and meals as noted

Not Included

  • Entrance fee to Madidi National Park (Bs. 125)
  • Return Flight ticket from La Paz to Rurrenabaque
  • Transfer from your hotel to the airport/airport to your hotel in La Paz and airport taxes

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